Record P2P TV Channel's Program

Now we suggest the P2P TV Recorder(PPRecorder) to record the program, you can record almost all P2P TV(PPLIve, PPStream, TVUPlayer, PPMate, SopCast, Feidian ...) channels by P2P TV Recorder.

About TV Ants channel's program, we suggest the HiDownload:

1.Download and install HiDownload. Download Free

2.Download and install TV Ants. Download Free

3.Run TV Ants, and play the channel which you want to record.

4.After TVAnts start to play the video, click the mouse right-button on the window, select "Properties" Menu.

5.You can find the URL in the "Properties" windows, it maybe be "mmst://localhost:16900/1", or "mmst://localhost:16900/2", ...

6.Run HiDownload, open the "Add" windows, input the URL, then clicked <OK> button.

7.HiDownload will start to record.