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UUSEE is the pioneer P2P based Internet streaming media TV broadcaster in China. In practice the stream source starts fragmenting and supplying the flow to a limited number of users, who in turn re-distribute it to other ones who get connected through a mechanism of cascade sharing. With this advanced technology, UUSee will surely provide you with the most stable and fluent online TV image. So don’t hesitate to download UUSee.

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1. Low CPU utilization;
2. Advanced stream data transmission makes sure the downloads complete;
3. Stable downloads and uploads;
4. High quality online TV image.

How to use:

Step1: Download UUSee
Step2: Double click the icon titled “UUSee.exe” to install the software;
Step3: If you enable the option “run after setup”, the software will launch automatically
Step4: The interface is divided into 3 parts (as follows: Channel list on left side, UUSee media player, and current broadcasting program list at the right bottom). You can adjust the size of each part individually;
Step5: Double clicking on the channel will begin the loading of the it ;
Step6: After complete loading, the program will show on the UUSee media player.