P2P TV Player
P2P TV Recorder
  viviCool - G2 p2p solution

Based on TVkoo, we are able to set up high quality online TV platform with lower transferring cost of tolerated by wideband users. Since the server and bandwidth has been 80-300 times less, in most countries, the cost has been controlled to be USD0.3 – 4/year.clients.
-easy and friendly interface with no modification of the PC operation system
-The unique communication mode with own copyright, witch is not limited by ICP
-intranet is not a barrier
-the bandwidth saving could be 80-1000 times less with USD0.35 – 8 / year
-No limit between countries / regions / ICP
-supporting different languish automatically
-channels preview possible
-less buffering time to be 10-20 seconds
-one client possible to watch

TVKoo - online live broadcast platform on viviCool
In the peer-to-peer network, every node shares the same position and every node is both client and server, i.e, every node receives the services and provide the services as well.

For the fast development of the P2P technology, the storage pattern will change from the current “centralized content” pattern to “marginal content” pattern which will greatly change the state that large web sites dominates, and return “non-centralized” condition to return the rights to the clients.

P2P technology has wide and board application domain, now mainly focus on the application of file exchanging, distributed computing, distributed searching and E-business. We begin with online TV