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TVants is a highly popular P2P Video Streaming Application designed by the Zhejiang University. The player is one of the most popular applications for p2p streaming as it's original intent was to stream Asian channels to the world but has quickly evolved into a favorite bookmark for soccer (football) fans, as the program offers many sports channels are available through this application and hence many football matches are also available. TV Ants offers an English language interface making it very popular beyond asia.

In addition to the sports channels, you can find many other channels including movie channels, news, movies and fashion mainly from asia.

TVAnts allows for you to broadcast as well as watch. The installer is in English and there have been few updates to this software since it's been proven to be a very stable application. There is a newer version of TVAnts with support for Windows Vista Operating System and Windows Media Player 11.

It does take a while for the stream to start because you must establish around 50 plus connections for the stream to work this program, so be patient and give it a few minutes.

Latest version: TVAnts

Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

OS Support: Wins9X/me/2000/XP


Many many channels, like NBA TV, Shanghai Sports, CCTV5, ESPN Asia, Star Sports, Guandong Sports, CCTV Soccer , UBC35 - UBC 40 (not all at the same time, it changes) , Shandong Sports, Beijing Sports, Hubei sports and many more, like CNN , HBO and other non-sports channels.


1. High quality ESPN channel with full English commentary;
2. Share live streams, not files;
3. The installer for TVAnts is in English;
4. Free from registry charge and system file charge;
5. Data operated in memory cache do no damage to harddisk.

How to use:

1. Download TVAnts
2. Double click the installer icon to install.
3. The installer for TVAnts is in English. Just follow the install guide which will lead you to finish your installation.
4. After a short time TVAnts will be installed, press Finish to exit the installer.
5. If you have a firewall, on first running a security alert will appear. Make sure that you allow TVAnts internet access.
6. To play a channel double click on it. The media player will then appear and TVAnts will start buffering the channel.
7. TVants will automatically start the Media player when the buffer data reaches 90% or above.
Note: When downloading TVAnts it is best to remember that it may be hosted on a Chinese server.