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PPMate is a free Shareware for online TV programs. The software integrated the most advanced peer-to-peer technology so it can provide the users with the smoothest TV programs with no interceptions. It has CCTV ESPN CAIFU sports.more channels!

Latest version:


English, Simplified Chinese

OS Support:

Windows 98 Se/Me/2000/XP/2003


1. An excellent new P2P program, fully in English;
3. The setup information is deleted after the unistallation;
4. The application update itself automatically if your PC is connected on web.


SIPTV (Caifu Sports) ESPN Sport CCTV5 StarSports Guandong Guangzhou GoalTV1 + GoalTV2 QSIV Basketball World CRAZY Sports BTV-6 Racing World WEILAI Sports

How to use:

Step 1: Download PPMate;
Step 2:Complete the installation of PPMate in the same way you normally do with P2P programs;
Step 3:Launch PPMate (it may open automatically after installation if you enable the option “run Ppmate” after installation ;
Step4: Read the large Pop-up, it is very useful, in English of course, it explains basic functions;
Step 5: Exit the Pop-Up, and scroll down the channel list to choose one channel you wish to watch;
Step 6: Double click on the channel and it will buffer VERY quickly
Step 7: FINISHED!! Just relax and watch some Sports!!

P.S. If you watch a lot of sports channels with PPMate, you can select the "Favourites tab above the Channel list, and it will have all of the channels you watch most often.