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PPLive is a free Shareware for online TV programs.
The software integrated the most advanced peer-to-peer technology so it can provide the users with the smoothest TV programs with no interceptions.
In P2P technology, everyone becomes a broadcaster without the cost of traditional streaming. the more users are online, the faster the programs can be loaded. Tell your friends to download PPLive and enjoy the programs.
What’s more, PPLive is a Shareware , and no registration is needed.
Download and have fun!

Latest version: PPLive 1.9.15

Language:English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


Alot of nice channels, like Guangdong Sports, CCTV5, Shandong sports,Beijing sports,Hubei sports and alot of movie, music and regular chinese channels.

Release notes:
What are the new improved version 1.8.19

* 01. Provide users logged registration of
* 02. Increase regular management functions, users can facilitate the scheduled broadcast time management
* 03. Increase channels suggest new function to facilitate the understanding of the content update
* 04. Improvement of Bug

How to use:

step 1: Download the PPLive software. Make sure that you have already install the Windows Media Player 9.0 or above edition.
step 2: Open and install the program and update online.
step 3: Run PPLIVE
step 4: Double click the PPLive icon on bottom right and it will brings you to the channel listing. You can also go to the PPLive website or other our partners?websites to view the channel listing.
step 5: All channel will be listing together with current program showing. Click on the "PLAY" icon behind the channel you wish to view.
step 6: Then the connection information will be shown in the PPLive icon. Now your computer is downloading stream data from other computers. Wait patiently.
step 7: When the buffer data reaches 90% and above, PPLive will automatically start the Media Player and now you can enjoy the show.