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Mysee is one of the latest batch of P2P stream sharing programs. As with most it orginates from Asia but unlike most the installation and most of the interface is in English. Like other P2P software, users on the Mysee network don’t get the stream file from the server. Instead the data was loaded from the partner nodes. In this way, more users are on the network would speed up your download rather than slow down the data transmission.


Simplified Chinese

OS Support:



1. Support for stream net work transfer protocol UDP, DHT;
2. Possess the function of program on demand;
3. Stable and fluent TV stream;
4. Remote broadcasting - broadcast to a client located on another machine anywhere on the Internet.

How to use:

Step1: Download Mysee
Step2: Follow the prompts to install the mysee software, its all in English so it should be pretty easy.
Step3: You have installed simply right click on the new icon that appears in the system tray area (it looks like a backwards 'e'), from the menu you can select 'channels'.
Step4: Unfortunately the channel menus are currently in Chinese so finding the channel you are looking for is basically a trial process.
Step5: The chosen channel will be played in Windows Media Player.
P.S. With any luck more sports channels will be added to the channel list at some point in the future which will make Mysee a vital tool in watching free premiership football.